Finally a brand new concept in wine and gastronomy brought together under one roof in a setting and atmosphere typical of an authentic Parisian bistro.

2001年9月、『 Le petit tonneau』がオープンしました。


Philippe Batton/フィリップ・バットンは、料理とワインの双方をお楽しみいただく為の美食家の献立を構成しました。全てとてもお手頃な価格です。Petit Tonneauのスタッフは、皆様をあたたかくおもてなしすることを幸せに思っております。


A biento!  近いうちにお会いしましょう!


Le Petit Tonneau opens its door to the public in September 2001...

Our original and exclusive wine selection is only available in Japan at Le Petit Tonneau. We believe our innovative, meticulously chosen, selections of French wine will give you a better knowledge and experience with from France and, in particular, the South of France.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy sampling a wide variety of our fine wines, offered either by the glass, carafe or bottle, accompanied with tapas (please refer to our menu).

Philippe Batton has taken great care to create our “carte gourmande” (food lover's menu)  explicitly taking into consideration ideal matches between our cuisine and wine selection in order to intensify your dining experience.

Le Vins <ワイン>








A Votre Sante!   乾杯!



Wine is the result of a perfect harmony negotiated between man and earth. It has been an indispensable part of Mediterranean and other cultures for centuries. It has played such an essential role for so long throughout history that even wine Gods were once revered, feared, and prayed to for successful harvests (Dionysus worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Bacchus by the Romans).

Nowadays, only the know-how and talent of the modern viticulture can cultivate his grapes so as to reflect the “soul” of a specific region when making a product so unlike any other: WINE!

We specialize in Southen French wines. One of our main goals is to have all our cherished customers discover the rich history, variety, savor, multiple facets and quality of our specially selected “soulful” wines from the South of France. [We feel an obligation in this respect because we are so enthusiastic and proud of the wine made in our country's southern regions, and we are sure, once you try some yourself, you will be too.]

From Nice to the Pyrenees, the diversity is vast. There is absolutely positively a wine for everybody. even those who have never sampled French wines or who have always believed they were not particularly fond of them. [we love a challenge, and we believe in each and every glass, carafe or bottle of wine we sell! Visit Le Petit Tonneau at any one of our three locations, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you chose a wine you like among our extensive selection!

Even vineyard every “cru”, possess very different, individual characteristics based on climate, soil, growth practices and history.

We only serve authentic wines cultivated and refines by men extraordinarily passionate about their professions. These men use a combination of modern technology  as well as time-proven, age-old methods needed to develop a wine which delivers a bit of its heart and soul in each sip.


A Votre Sante!

To Your Health & Happiness!

FRESH CLEAN WATER with SEAGULL IV <シーガルフォー浄水システム>



To provide our customers safe and top quality water, we employ Seagull IV water purification systems at Le Petit Tonneau. Seagull IV water purification system boasts its sales in more than 63 countries for 40 years since its first sales in the US in 1973.

Its excellent performance is proved in researching and testing institutes around the world.









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